Computers, Tablets, the Internet, email, networked systems, and databases are changing the way businesses communicate. Today, technology is changing at a lightning-speed rate. To gain a competitive advantage, you must leverage the critical information within your organization through streamlined creation, management, and distribution workflows.

Business Technology and IT Consulting:
Business Technology Needs | System Configuration | System Design | IT Business Needs

Our experienced consultants work with your current system to determine your company’s goals. For businesses undergoing the migration to client/server, GEM Systems understands the value of speed and efficiency. We will provide you with recommendations for the most beneficial, scalable solution.

Support Agreements
Allow us to be your company’s virtual IT staff. Small to medium sized businesses without a dedicated IT staff can rely on GEM Systems to provide timely expert advice and service at special contract pricing. Whether you need assistance in choosing the right Internet connection type and provider or providing network services to remote employees, we can help.

Receive Top Prioirty with one of our Support Agreements:

  • Up to 20% discount on regular pricing with maintenance program
  • 5 hours a month of regular maintenance included (keeping computer systems clean and worry-free; virus scan, security health check-up, etc.)

New Office | Business Cable Solutions 
New Office | Small Office | Business Cable Solutions | Data Cabling | Voice Cabling | Cabling Design & Installation

Prior to arriving at your new office, your first priority should be a thorough inspection of its existing cable system. Even if a system exists, it may be completely outdated and will slow down your network traffic. GEM Systems come to your small business or office and will evaluate the existing structure to determine the potential bottlenecks and other challenges. We will provide you with all the necessary support so your new networking system operates the way it should.

We offer pre-purchase inspections of office space/building. An inspection will help you determine potential problems or handicaps, allowing you to negotiate with the leasing agent before you sign.

Also, when you add new workstations, those cables have to go somewhere.  When you find yourself tripping over them, give us a call.  We have several innovative solutions to help keep your wires neat and your sanity intact.

Virus Scanning, Removal & Protection
Spyware | Adware | Malware | Virus Removal

Many common computer viruses are spread through email attachments and downloading files from the Internet. They are more difficult to detect because they are cleverly disguised or hidden in software. These viruses can erase everything on your hard disk and corrupt your data. They can spread to other computers in your network through email, or slow your computer so it is no longer operating efficiently. If the virus is not discovered and deactivated properly, it can quickly return to cause further destruction.

GEM Systems performs an extensive search for the root location through a comprehensive scanning process. We will track the source of the virus and deactivate it to prevent further infection. We’ll then set up a firewall to block further infection and provide recommendations on the appropriate protection software.

Wired & Wireless Networking Setup & Repair
Network Management | Wireless Networks | Wireless Network Services | Wireless Network Repair

Connectivity issues can be time consuming and frustrating! We are here to take the struggle out of your “behind the walls” technology as well.

If you need more speed, we can easily upgrade your existing Wired 10/100 Ethernet Network to the latest and greatest in “gigabit” technologies, effectively giving you 10 times the throughput (speed) you have now!

If you are looking for a cleaner and more flexible solution, we can also convert your network to a more practical wireless system that provides speed, efficiency and security. GEM Systems can configure a wireless system through installing the routers, adapters, and devices properly.  Discover all the advantages from operating on a wireless networking system.  Going completely wireless is just a phone call away!

Server Management
Server Management | Server Installation | Virtual Server Installation | Hardware or Software Installation | System Configuration

Adding users is easy and efficient with our Station Upgrade program. We offer innovative solutions to clean up the mass of cumbersome wires and electrical outlets. A fully-functioning workspace is not only safer, but it is more effective as well.

iPad | Tablet Integration for Business

The new personal devices power productivity and let you manage your business anywhere, anytime. They can provide convenient access to customer information, office applications, and compelling visual presentations without the bulk of traditional laptops.  Transform the way you work with prospects, clients, or collaboration with colleagues.  Let GEM Systems show you cost-effective solutions for cutting-edge technology.

Other services offered by GEM SYSTEMS

  • Desktop and Laptop Management
  • iPad Integration for Business
  • Server and Virtual Server Installation
  • Network Management with Remote Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • System Back-ups
  • Help Desk
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Maintenance & Repair
  • Network Installation & Solutions
  • Internet Configuration | Email Configuration