About Us

Greg Madden, founder of GEM Systems, has a primary goal for his clients: “offer intuitive solutions by incorporating industry leading technology.” By integrating the best hardware, software and support, GEM Systems offers cutting-edge solutions that help businesses today and is equally prepared to respond to changes in their operating environments.

Technology can help change the way businesses operate; improving efficiencies and productivity – but not on its own. As computers and technology become increasingly more complex, companies require complete support to fully enable their networked business or personal communication solution. That’s why GEM Systems provides the highest levels of services and support with every solution we deliver.

Greg’s professional career started while in the Military on the Commandant’s Staff. He was responsible for maintaining the staff computers, teaching Microsoft Word and Excel. Then, upon his honorable discharge, he continued his studies at Mt. San Antonio College, California. While Greg was enrolled as a student, he taught the teachers how to use computer technology, along with Word and Excel. In turn, the teachers used this technology training to teach their students.

Today GEM Systems is capable of handling most communications and security requirements for large corporate infrastructures where speed and convenience is a priority. For small home-based businesses or personal offices, we offer customized solutions that are efficient and cost effective.

GEM Systems initial consultation is free. We know every situation and technical requirement is different; therefore, we work with clients on a one-on-one basis while meeting their specific requirement and budget. Whatever your demand is, GEM provides solutions with the highest level of support.

The GEM Systems team is continually striving to stay current on technology so we can meet our client’s evolving expectations.

GEM Systems Credentials:

Microsoft Certified – Professional
CompTIA A+ Certified
Cisco Certified
Certified Network Technicians
Microsoft Certified System Engineers


If it’s broken, we’ll fix it.
If your home computer needs repaired or upgraded, we do that too.
If you need more efficiency in the workplace, our team will meet with you to discuss your objectives. We’ll then develop a system that tailored for you.